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Condylocomp® LR3

Registration system for computer-assisted TMJ and functional diagnosis

Sales and distribution is suspended because of Freecorder® BlueFox

Condylocomo LR3Condylocomp® LR3 is a computer-controlled recording device with a wide range of applications for TMJ and functional diagnostics. It measures the full three-dimensional mandibular movements (translations and rotations) opto-electonically and contact-lessly with maximum precision. The recording data are transmitted from the patient to a micro-processor-controlled data aquisition device and pass on a computer where they are evaluated by the highly efficient software JAWS 7.5 (final version) for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7.

Area of application:

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CE-0125The CONDYLOCOMP LR3 is certified in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive MPG 93/42/EU, class IIa, appendix II.